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Statement Analyst in Noblesville, IN

Do you need assistance in discerning the complete truth contained in the statements you have obtained from your latest interview for fraud or wrongdoing? For help, count on the owner of Double L Investigators and Consultants LLC. He is a certified forensic interviewer and trained statement analyst in Noblesville, IN.

With this knowledge and more than 45 years of experience, he obtains and secures very detailed and concise information during statement taking. In addition, he can provide you with the necessary training to acquire these skills.

Another part of the process is statement analysis. This teaches you or your employees how to uncover the hidden truth in a statement. Reach out to us for training in taking or analyzing statements.

Training for Statement Taking

Although taking a statement to analyze the details of an event can seem challenging, it is possible to hone your skills at collecting accurate information. Turn to our forensic specialist for statement-taking training that ensures you acquire the information needed concisely and without contradiction. Training also includes how to examine a factual statement, deconstruct it for errors, and pursue the facts. You will learn what to look for and how to exclude extraneous information that can cloud the sequence of events and create confusion.

Accurate statements can support a case and ensuring you have everything you need to move forward is the primary goal of a forensic interview. Our expert will teach you how to collect important information, analyze the statements, and verify the facts with proven techniques and established practices.

Learn how to unearth the truth and clarify details with direction and training from an experienced professional. As an industry expert, he will teach you what to look for, how to use the information, and find the truth. Talk to us today about including statement-taking training in your upskilling programs. You will discover why it is essential to know how to collect relevant details during an investigation.